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[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="1"]
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[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="2"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="3"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="4"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="5"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="6"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="7"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="8"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="9"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="10"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="11"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="12"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="13"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="14"]












[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="15"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="16"]







[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="17" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="18" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="19" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="20" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="21" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="22" df="1"]


[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="23" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="24" df="1"]



[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="25" df="6"]






[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="26"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="27" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="28" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="29" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="32" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="33" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="34" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="35" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="36" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="37" df="6"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="38"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="39"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="40"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="41"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="42"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="43"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="44"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="45"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="46"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="47"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="48"]




[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="50"]