Shortcode Breakdown
Shortcode break down – all of these settings and more can be found in Settings / B2i Options
[b2i_sec sdiv="345" lo="1" t="345" sf="1" n="1" c="10" ol="2" oi="2" th="Officer and Director Transactions"]
sdiv="345" Set custom Div container name when SEC module used more than once on page
lo="1" Output layout – option 1 is for list view
t="345" Filter: 345 for Insider transactions/Section 16 filings – visit our WordPress/Settings/B2i Options page or JS API for more filter options
sf="1" Show Filter Dropdown turned on
n="1" Navigation (paging) turned on
c="10" Count: 10 item will be returned
th="Officer and Director Transactions" Text Header “Officer and Director Transactions”
ol="2" Open link: 2 for new window
oi="2" Open link: 2 for new window