Quarterly Earnings based on SEC 10-Qs and 10-Ks.

This display offers many customization features and leverages our white glove service for items that require manual linking.
Add multiple links to each filing. Set the Title, Image, and Link per item.
Use CSS to easily hide areas to fit within many display options.
The module allows custom layouts! Give us your idea and we will make it happen!

Shortcode Breakdown
Shortcode break down – all of these settings and more can be found in Settings / B2i Options
[b2i_sec lo="3" sdiv="10qs" t="10" c="4" n="0" sf="1" ol="2" oi="2"]
lo="3" Output layout – option 3 is detail view
t="10" Filter: 10-Qonly displays only 10-Qs excluding amendments – visit our settings page for more filter options
c="4" Count: 4 – shows 4 items at a time
n="0" Navigation (paging) 0 = turned off
sf="1" Show Filter Form 1 = turned on
ol="2" Open link: 2 for new window
oi="2" Open icon links: 2 for new window