Press Releases

Your press releases can be automatically posted into WordPress as a blog item, viewed through our plugin modules, or integrated into your website with our RSS or custom XML feed all within minutes of release.

Our application simplifies your press release activities by receiving data feeds directly from Business Wire, PR Newswire, Globe Newswire, and Accesswire, looks at the source company, then posts only press releases issued by your company to your website and emails the press releases to your email list without any additional work on your behalf.

B2i now offers flat-rate pricing on press releases through 2 major providers.
Contact Us  Let B2i help with all of your IR services.

Press Releases posting to WordPress as a blog post

The B2i Service can post press releases directly into your WordPress website as a blog post.

The process is straightforward.
– Set a post key – up to 40 character – upper and lower alpha and numeric
– Verify your category/tag for the press releases to post in – usually Press Releases
– B2i will then integrate these settings into our application and conduct a verify post to ensure connectivity

Additionally, we can populate your Blog system automatically with Press releases


New Beta Press Release Server side load

Now have data loaded server-side instead of AJAX-based.
This method is better for SEO than the AJAX version.
Use b2i_press_releases2 instead of b2i_press_releases

The press view module also has this ability.
Use b2i_press_view2 instead of b2i_press_view


Press Release link open options

Press releases can be configured to open when clicking on the headline and “Read More” links various ways to include:


Press Releases can have customized layouts

Press releases can be configured to use custom layout templates.
B2i’s database driven system allows custom press release layouts.
Contact us, to have your exact layout created ~