Our Document Lists module can be used to display documents or web links on your website.

There are no limitations to the number of documents and links you can include in these document lists. Items that expire, such as webcast links, can be scheduled for automatic removal saving time and keeping your website free of inactive links.

With unlimited document lists, you can highlight items such as an IR webkit, financial documents, presentations, and any other groups of documents and links.


You can require your audience to register by providing their email address before viewing, which will send the information to your B2i contact manager. This registration is only required once allowing other items to be accessed without re-entering their data. Activities will be reported in your B2i dashboard.


The display below is one example of how documents or web links can be presented in a list view on your existing website. Here is another option for display. Our plugins have various parameters to easily adjust the layout and functionality.

[b2i_showcase id="343" sd="0" si="2" lo="8"]

[b2i_showcase id="110" sd="0" si="2" lo="0"]

[b2i_showcase id="344" sd="0" si="2" lo="7"]