Welcome to B2i’s LiveView – Demonstration Site.

B2i has launched this service to offer equity, disclosure, and corporate action data within the corporate website. Our plugin allows a ShortCode to place data on your website offering full control of your investor relations website. We offer a single plugin that includes many data modules (ShortCode controlled) to display the different types of content on your corporate website allowing for fast integrations, custom designs, and CSS control.

Our most popular tools include; SEC filings, financials, stock detail & charts, press releases, and an email sign-up form with automated email distribution of new content in real-time. Each module offers deep feature sets and design options.

This website is used to show examples with a focus on understanding how to work with the ShortCodes and our JavaScript API.

Getting Started

Follow these 4 quick and easy steps to get started:
Locate our plugin by going to the “Plugins” section in your WordPress admin site, click “Add New” and search for “B2i”.
Install and Activate our “B2i Investor tools” plugin in your WordPress account by clicking install and then activate.
Enter Credentials by hovering over the Settings menu item and clicking “B2i Options”. Feel free to enter our demo credentials if you do not have an account yet.
Begin Adding Data with our Shortcodes. As you scroll down on the “B2i Options” page, you will see a comprehensive support section for each data module. A ShortCode reference including parameters for customization is provided as you click to open each models section.


To begin a test drive of our Investor tools plugin, enter the following credentials:
Business ID: 2626
API Key: Sf6Ic9Gy8
Post key: this is a private key to allow automated posting into WordPress. We walk you through this and conduct a test post to verify connectivity.

Use the following stock symbol for the modules stock detail, charts, historical ShortCodes, and financials.
Symbol: OCC

Contact us to begin using data on your website today.
We will conduct a walk-through of our “Live View” website, offer client links for implementation ideas, and provide pricing for your tailored solution.


The plugin concept is to offer data that can be controlled through a simple parameter system allowing you to control the exact output. For example, most modules allow you to set the count of items to display, show a year select box, filter for data type, or group data logically. They also offer multiple content layouts and give control over how links open and much more to offer customization for your IR website implementation.

Not using WordPress?

This plugin is powered by our JavaScript API. This API can be used in any website that allows JavaScript.


Most of the data modules use AJAX technology to load data into a DIV container by placing our Shortcodes where ever you wish the data to be added. This allows you to control styling / CSS within your environment, or in our portal to be part of the data loaded. Our latest updates offer the ability to have the content loaded at the server side allowing this content to be part of your website and the DOM. We are currently updating each module for use in this manner.

Press releases can be added to the blog in real-time through 2 methods. The first method is through our server conducting a PUSH/POST to the blog. The second method uses a unique GET/PULL trigger system. Both methods offer the ability to load content automatically in real-time through secure channels with each providing multiple layers of security. Currently, this system can only post press items into the blog. No custom feeds (yet).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.